The Luxe Cafe / by Kanika Anand

Touch, Parked at Nivasa: exhibit of fine prints in living spaces

If you though art exhibits were all about creativity showcased on white walls, you’ve got another think coming. Installed at Nivasa, Touch is an exhibition of lithographs, serigraphs, collographs and woodcuts, that breaks from the convention of presenting art in ‘white cube’ gallery spaces, creating instead, exhibits in pseudo-living spaces simulating the presence of art in a private domestic exterior. The exhibition is a celebration of the laborious process of creating fine art prints. Focusing on the materiality of the print, it gathers a selection of unique & limited edition prints that luxuriate in the textures and surfaces of the everyday. Each artwork complements the spirit of a specific piece of furniture. The exhibit features the works of young artists Avni Bansal, Geeta Bisht, Maripelly Praveen Goud, Rayan Abreu, Piyush Aggrawal, Prathap Modi and Subrat Kumar Behera who were invited to draw on the idea of home and the everyday—the moods and memories of the domestic environment. The markings and scratches, the chemicals and inks that are pressed, bled or contained in order to leave a desired impression on a surface, paired with Nivasa’s line of furniture contribute to a cornucopia of textures that create a dramatic experience. While some artists focus on line and form, others dwell on allegory and narration as reference points of inspiration. Parked is a series of collaborative art concept pop-ups, with a roving format that mutates in accordance with a spatial setting and/or theme. Nivasa is a design boutique that has been creating ‘Art for living spaces’ for the last 20 years. The brand is known for building spaces with their bespoke furniture and designs.